Name: It's Kind Of Lonesome Out Tonight
Artist: Kay Kyser & his Orchestra
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Artist: Kay Kyser & his Orchestra with vocal refrain by Harry Babbitt
Song: It’s Kind Of Lonesome Out Tonight
Recorded: Columbia Records, 1947

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Wish it wasn’t gettin’ colder
Wish the moon would give some light
Wish my head could find a shoulder
It’s kind of lonesome out tonight

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kay kyser - kay kyser and his orchestra - kay kyser & his orchestra - harry babbitt - 1947 - 1940's - a favourite - it's kind of lonesome out tonight - * -
Name: The Night We Called It A Day
Artist: Chet Baker
Album: Embraceable You
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There was a moon, out in space.

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chet baker - the night we called it a day - 1950's - a favourite -
Name: 'Tis Autumn
Artist: Nat King Cole Trio
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Nat King Cole Trio - ‘Tis Autumn

Nat King Cole - Piano, Vocal

Irving Ashby - Guitar

Joe Comfort - Bass

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nat king cole - the nat king cole trio - nat king cole trio - 'tis autumn - tis autumn - a favourite - 1949 - 1940's -
Name: Oh Boy, I'm In The Groove
Artist: Louis Jordan
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Louis Jordan — Oh Boy, I’m In The Groove (1940)

…So take a tip from me
And join this jamboree 
Just laugh with glee, and shout with joy
I’m in the groove, oh boy!

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louis jordan - oh boy i'm in the groove - 1940 - 1940's - a favourite -
Name: Out Of Nowhere
Artist: Lena Horne & Teddy Wilson
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Lena Horne & Teddy Wilson — Out Of Nowhere (1941)

You came to me from out of nowhere
You took my heart and found it free
Wonderful dreams, wonderful schemes from nowhere
Made every hour sweet as a flower to me

And if you should go back to your nowhere
Leaving me with a memory
I’ll always wait for your return out of nowhere
Hoping you’ll bring your love to me
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lena horne - teddy wilson - out of nowhere - 1941 - 1940's - a favourite -
Name: Dream
Artist: Frank Sinatra with the Ken Lane Singers
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Song: Dream (lyrics by Johnny Mercer)
Artist: Frank Sinatra with the Ken Lane Singers
Recorded: 1945

Dream when you’re feelin’ blue
Dream, that’s the thing to do 

[…] Things are never as bad as they seem
So dream, dream, dream

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frank sinatra - dream - the ken lane singers - frank sinatra and the ken lane singers - frank sinatra with the ken lane singers - 1945 - 1940's - a favourite -
Name: Rose Room
Artist: Sidney Bechet and his New Orleans Feetwarmers
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Sidney Bechet and his New Orleans Feetwarmers — Rose Room (1941)

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sidney bechet - sidney bechet and his new orleans feetwarmers - rose room - 1941 - 1940's - instrumental -
Name: When Hollywood Goes Black & Tan
Artist: Cleo Brown
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Cleo Brown singing “When Hollywood Goes Black and Tan”.

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cleo brown - when hollywood goes black and tan - 1930's - 1935 -
Name: Blue Gardenia
Artist: Nat King Cole & Nelson Riddle
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Artist: Nat King Cole accompanied by Nelson Riddle's Orchestra
Song: Blue Gardenia 
Recorded: 1953

I lived for an hour
What more can I tell?
Love bloomed like a flower
Then the petals fell…

Blue gardenia,
Thrown to a passing breeze—
But rest in my book
Of memories 

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blue gadenia - nat king cole - nelson riddle - nelson riddle's orchestra - 1953 - 1950's - a favourite -
Name: Bye-Bye Boogie
Artist: Amos Milburn
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Amos Milburn — Bye-Bye Boogie (1947)

Wake up now pretty baby, you don’t have no cause to cry
You knew the time was comin’ when we’d have to say good-bye

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amos milburn - bye bye boogie - 1947 - 1940's - boogie woogie - rhythm and blues -