Name: Strange Fruit
Artist: Billie Holiday
Album: Billie Holiday at Jazz at the Philharmonic
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75 years ago, on this date, Billie Holiday recorded a song that Time Magazine would call song of the century: Strange Fruit, a song written about a lynching in the South. 

Holiday first performed the song at Cafe Society in 1939. She said that singing it made her fearful of retaliation but, because its imagery reminded her of her father, she continued to sing the piece making it a regular part of her live performances. Because of the poignancy of the song, Josephson drew up some rules: Holiday would close with it; the waiters would stop all service in advance; the room would be in darkness except for a spotlight on Holiday’s face; and there would be no encore. During the musical introduction, Holiday would stand with her eyes closed, as if she were evoking a prayer.

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Name: I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
Artist: Al Bowlly
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Al Bowlly (January 7, 1898 — April 17, 1941) singing ’I’m Getting Sentimental Over You’ (1933)

Won’t you please be kind and just make up your mind
That you’ll be sweet and gentle, be gentle with me
Because I’m sentimental over you

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al bowlly - rest in peace - i'm getting sentimental over you - 1933 - 1930's - a favourite -
Name: I'll Be Good Because Of You
Artist: Al Bowlly
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Al Bowlly — I’ll Be Good Because Of You (1931)

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al bowlly - I'll be good because of you - 1931 - 1930's - a favourite -
Name: You're My Thrill
Artist: Dolores Gray
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Dolores Gray — You’re My Thrill (1957)

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dolores gray - you're my thrill - 1957 - 1950's - a favourite - her and doris day's verison of this song are among my favourites -
Name: I Want To Be Happy
Artist: Doris Day
Album: Tea For Two (1950)
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Doris Day — I Want To Be Happy (1950)

When skies are gray and you say you are blue
I’ll send the sun smiling through

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Doris Day - I Want To Be happy - Tea For Two - 1950 - 1950's - a favourite - happy 90th birthday to this lovely lady! - this song to me represents the ray of sunshine Doris really is to her fans - :') -
Name: I Hadn't Anyone Till You
Artist: Doris Day
Album: Day By Day (1956)
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Doris Day — I Hadn’t Anyone ‘Till You
Day by Day (1956)

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Doris Day - I Hadn't Anyone 'Till You - Day by Day - 1956 - 1950's - a favourite -


April is Jazz Appreciation Month!

"I can only hope that one day America will recognize that our indigenous music — jazz — is the heart and soul of all popular music, and that we cannot afford to let its legacy slip into obscurity." — Quincy Jones

Jazz is the art of spontaneity, a genuine testament to the human spirit. It is a music built off of syncopation, improvisation, inspiration, and bended blue notes. It is inherently American, but performed and enjoyed worldwide.

The National Museum of American History has designated April to be Jazz Appreciation Month and encourages educators and students to take an active role in keeping this music and its rich history alive.

Celebrate Jazz!

National Endowment for the Humanities: Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM) // Smithsonian Jazz: How to Celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month // Smithsonian Jazz: Explore (great resource for educators!) // Jazz Appreciation Month on Facebook // Jazz Appreciation Month on Twitter
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Name: Born Too Late
Artist: The Poni-Tails
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Born Too Late | The Poni-Tails

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the poni tails - born too late - 1958 - 1950's - a favourite -
Name: I Won't Cry Anymore
Artist: Eileen Wilson
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Eileen Wilson — I Won’t Cry Anymore (1951)

Though you are the one love
That my arms are longing for,
This is goodbye—
I won’t cry anymore

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eileen wilson - i won't cry anymore - 1951 - 1950's - a favourite -
Name: I'll Be Seeing You
Artist: Jimmy Durante
Album: As Time Goes By: The Best of Jimmy Durante
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Jimmy Durante - I’ll Be Seeing You

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jimmy durante - i'll be seeing you - a favourite -