Name: It's Been A Long Long Time
Artist: June Christy
Album: Caro Emerald Presents - Drum Rolls & Heartbreaks - Cd2
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June Christy w/ Stan Kenton & His OrchestraIt’s Been A Long Long Time  (c.1945)

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june christy - stan kenton - stan kenton and his orchestra - stan kenton & his orchestra - june christy and stan kenton - it's been a long long time - 1945 - 1940's -
Name: Lover Man
Artist: June Christy
Album: Complete Capitol Small Group Transcriptions
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June Christy — Lover Man (1945)

I don’t know why, but I’m feelin’ so sad
this lonely life is surely gonna drive me mad

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this was either recorded in 1945 or '46 - june christy - lover man - 1945 - 1946 - 1940's - complete capitol small group transcriptions - a favourite -
Name: The More I See You
Artist: June Christy
Album: Ballads for Night People & Intimate Miss Christy
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June Christy — The More I See You (1959)

Somehow this feeling, just grows and grows
With every sigh, I become more mad about you
More lost without you and so it goes

…Can you imagine how much I love you?

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june christy - the more I see you - 1959 - 1950's - ballads for night people - a favourite -
Name: It Isn't A Dream Anymore
Artist: Jo Stafford
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Jo Stafford — It Isn’t A Dream Anymore

At last I can say what I feel
And know what I’m saying is real
Your summer, your spring
And you’re everything I adore

You’re all the sweet music I’ve ever heard
Please listen and don’t say a word
You’re all that I dream
…But it isn’t a dream anymore

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jo stafford - it isn't a dream anymore - 1950's - a favourite -
Name: So Tired
Artist: Kay Starr
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Kay Starr — So Tired (1949)

So tired of dreaming of you
So tired of waiting for you
But though I’m tired 
I’ll wait forever, dear

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kay starr - so tired - 1949 - 1940's - a favourite -
Name: Baby Won't You Please Come Home
Artist: Kay Starr
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kay starr - it's her 92nd birthday today! -
Name: Since I Fell for You
Artist: Doris Day
Album: Love Him! (1964)
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Doris Day — Since I Fell For You
Love Him! (1964)

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doris day - love him! - since I fell for you - 1960's - 1964 - that last note ;____; -
Name: I'll Never Smile Again
Artist: Andy Williams
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Andy Williams — I’ll Never Smile Again (live on The Andy Williams Show, 1964)

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andy williams - the andy williams show - 1964 - 1960's - a favourite - i'll never smile again -
Album: The Best Of Tommy Dorsey (Remastered)
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I’ll Never Smile Again - Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra, Frank Sinatra & The Pied Pipers

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frank sinatra - the pied pipers - frank sinatra and the pied pipers - tommy dorsey - tommy dorsey and his orchestra - 1940's - a favourite -
Name: A Dreamer's Holiday
Artist: Perry Como & The Fontane Sisters
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Perry Como & The Fontane Sisters — A Dreamer’s Holiday (1949)

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perry como - perry como & the fontane sisters - perry como and the fontane sisters - the fontane sisters - 1949 - 1940's - a favourite -